Healthy businesses have a healthy online presence.  If you have some time on your hands now because things are closed or you are a business owner who’s worried about what the next chapter is going to bring, here are some things that can help you move forward.  We know that the country is going to come out of this – you need to be ready when it does.


Don’t stop your marketing efforts.  You need to stay in front of prospects and good customers.  Branding at a time like this is essential.  We’re seeing more traffic to websites, more screen time and a turn to general online activity as people are moving around less.

Don’t fail to plan.  Now is a great time to strategize about growing your business in the future.  Position your business for the best possible trajectory as we move through the difficult times.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  If your email isn’t quite perfect or you find a misspelled word in a Facebook ad (both situations I encountered last week), the important thing is that you are moving forward with your initiatives.


Do work on building your online reputation.  Work on your Google My Business page (why this is important), Facebook reviews, and any other professional profiles you might have.  LinkedIn is a good thing to look at as well from a personal branding tool.  Hone those profiles that haven’t been updated in some time.

Do take the time to learn a new skill or new techniques.  Plenty of places are offering online classes on skills that would benefit your business.  Social media, marketing, design, copywriting and other skills take time, but are well worth the investment.  It will also take your mind off of some of the other crazy things going on around us!

Do pivot.  What I mean by this is that habits and traffic patterns are changing overnight, and you need to be able to be nimble.  Restaurants have moved revenue to curbside pickup or delivery.  Gyms and schools have moved to online classes. Boutiques are using their website to book private shopping times in their store.  Concerts are now being broadcast online.

Do spend time on social media learning about how others who are successfully navigating the medium are doing things.  Start an Instagram account, develop a new strategy or adjust your current one on social media.

Do rethink your website and what it can offer. If your website is light on basic information that answers common questions about what you do, or all of the services you provide, spend some time helping online visitors (prospects, in particular) find answers.  Think about how ecommerce could be used on your site – if not physical product, maybe booking an event, digitally downloading a product, or recieving donations.  There are plenty of creative ways to move the needle by moving to ecommerce.

Do shop local.  Be a part of your community.  Join a local business association like the Millard Business Association.  Deep rooted ties with the community will undoubtedly help everyone, and who better to help than the ones you care most about?

All of these activities will better position you for the future, one where I feel there is going to be much opportunity.  Please feel free to reach out as we forge ahead!  We want to connect.

About Steve:  I have built a 20 year career in technology as well as entrepreneurship.  Growing small and local business is a passion.  Working with large online retailers gave me skills that I could bring to assist small and local businesses to help them grow and thrive.  I genuinely love the people behind the businesses!