The Local “3 Pack”

You may not realize it, but the Google 3 Pack is one of the most important spots to be found for a local business.  In thins article we’ll explore why this listing is important and what it takes to get the placement into this listing and how to optimize for it.

What the 3 Pack is and why it is important

The 3 Pack, as it has become known, is the Google search results listing for 3 local businesses most relevant to your search.  I’ve picked a representative image above demonstrating the results of the search “Italian restaurants near me.”  These results will vary depending on proximity and even the device you are using – desktop vs. mobile.  If you rely on walk-in traffic, this listing is important to you.

Google My Business

In order to be considered for the 3 pack, you need to claim your Google My Buisness Page.  When customers or prospects do a brand search for your business – “Jim’s Kitchen Store,” for instance, the details of your Google My Business page will show up on the right hand side of the search results.  Filling out the page detials completely in your Google My Buisness dashboard will help to optimize so that you show up for broader search terms that don’t include your brand name, but possibly your service or product coupled with your city or state name or even simply “near me” as in my Italian restaurants example.

How to claim Google My Business Page

The first step you want to take is to claim your GMB page – many businesses have not done this or it is overlooked when someone starts a new business or changes locations.

You can claim your business by working through the steps at  If it’s your first time claiming the page, or someone else has claimed it (this also happens-make sure you have control of it!), you may need to verify by postcard.  Google will mail you a postcard to the physical address with a verification code.  This process generally takes 5-7 business days.

Optimizing for the 3 Pack

The more you can show up in the 3 pack, the more traffic you can drive to your website and your doorstep.  The 3 pack provides some tools to help your customer find you or learn more about your business.  Business hours, directions, services offered and other important information is stored in your Google My Business page.   The more complete you can make the information, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in the 3 pack.

Some of the things that make you stand out from the crowd on the GMB page is to add regular content, offers and images.  Video and even something interactive like a 360 degree image is a good way to capture and retain a prospect’s interest for a longer period of time.

Reviews for the win

One additional feature of the GMB page is the customer reviews page.  This happens to be one of the most important and powerful features of your GMB Page because it can help convert a prospect into a customer in addition to helping you rank better in the 3 pack.  As a business owner, find ways to encourage your customers to leave reviews.  It is against Google’s terms of service to offer something free in exchange for a favorable review.

Wrapping it all up

At Big Picture Pro, we specialize in creating engaging content and strategies to help grow your business.  If you need help with your Google My Business Page, we can help you claim or optimize it for great search engine exposure!

We also offer a complete solution to manage your reviews on Google, Facebook and other major review platforms.  




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