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 A smartphone allows you to capture instant videos. You record something you like on the go, edit using some of the free editing apps, and try to make the video viral. If it’s so easy, why do people keep going back to professional videographers? Why do they hire a video production company to cover events? It’s because of the professional touch.

Big Picture Productions is one of the leading video production companies in Omaha for a reason. Our creativity in making videos, editing them, and presenting them according to the style you want, keeps us ahead of others. But creativity isn’t the only thing that you should look for before hiring a video production company. Here are a few more qualities that a video production company should have:

1. Variety of services

The USP of a video production company should be two things: quality of video and variety of services. Big Picture Productions is a full-service agency with a range of services available, such as drone photography, restaurant menus, nonprofit marketing, review management, HVAC services marketing, and YouTube instream ads. 

When you think of working with a video production company, you may have various plans in mind. The company experts should help execute those plans with their services. Fortunately, we have the best professionals in the business who can make attractive videos that make your audience fall in love with them instantly.

Video Production Company In Washington Nebraska

2. Top-notch scriptwriting 

Making videos is not just about shooting with high-tech cameras. The first step to making a video is preparing a script. It can be for an ad film, a short film, or a video that talks about your company’s history. You may have the story in mind, but you are not the scriptwriter. Scriptwriters have the skillset to figure out what the client wants and accordingly prepare the script with dialogues and scenes. At Big Picture Productions, we have some of the most experienced scriptwriters from Omaha working with us.

3. Shooting and editing

Shooting and editing is the next stage in making an excellent video. Video production companies spend a lot of time preparing actors to follow the script and make the video according to plan. But the men behind the camera and the editing room have to work their socks off on the shooting floor. Keeping the camera ready, preventing the camera from locking at crucial moments, setting up the shooting area – all are parts of the project that requires attention to detail.

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4. Using the latest camera and equipment

We have always utilized the latest camera technology.  We shoot nearly everything in 4k digital video on a BlackMagic video camera.  This allows us flexibility in editing and production of your video.  If your video has other camera requirements, we have options of additional cameras and lenses that will be perfect for the style that fits your business or organization.

If you are looking for an experienced, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable video production company in Omaha to work with, you should call Big Picture Productions at (402) 342-3000 today.