Google Guarantee Positions Your Business For Success

Are you a services provider?  You NEED to be in the top spot to get the best leads.  Google Guarantee is available for roofers, landscapers, carpet cleaners, HVAC professionals and other in-demand services where trust is a factor.  If there’s a dispute over the work, Google will pay up to $2000 to the consumer.  The Google Guarantee badge helps you get more clicks and better leads. 

In this post, I’ll talk a bit about how effective this can be and why you want to be in those top spots, and what you need to do to prepare your online presence for maximum effectiveness.


Clearly, being at the top of the search, especially for generic search terms like “Carpet cleaner Omaha” is an advantage.  The consumer intent is high – they need exactly what they are searching for, and are likely in a decision making mode.  It’s true that this is a paid position, but it also levels the playing field for the smaller contractor who is wanting to compete with the bigger firms that are more highly ranked organically.

Perception and Trust

When you position your company with the Google Guarantee, it’s an additional trust factor that will attract the eye to the listing.  This is an extra step that your business has taken to provide another element of trust that your integrity and work is solid.  The perception is that of all the businesses who compete, Google has placed you at the top (even though this is also a paid position) because of additional vetting – you get background checked, and have to submit any licences and insurance required to do business in your service area for review by Google.

Preparing for Google Guarantee

Before getting started with the Google Guarantee program, you should really ensure that you have maximized some of the other elements of your Google properties.  Fine tune your Google My Business page – make sure all of your services are listed, hours are up to date, and any other information that would help a consumer decide to make contact with you to inquire about your business. 

Reviews are another aspect you may want to address – solid, recent, and relevant reviews are an important trust factor in the consumer’s decision making process as well.   A low count compared to your competition, even if they are favorable, and/or no recent reviews can cause the consumer to think twice.  

look holisitcally at your presence and how consumers see your listings, and how they make the decision to make contact with you.  Provide them with every reason to make the choice.  Going through these exercises helps you (a sports reference that is one of my favorites) get more at-bats, and connect with the ball more often!  To put it in business terms, you get in front of more prospects and close deals more often.  This also means you reduce the cost of customer acquistion – but that’s a whole new discussion!

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